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ICCR2019 Cluj Napoca Keynotes and Papers

Updated: Feb 4, 2019


Kevin Armstrong, States of Jersey, "Thirty years of concrete repair in the States of Jersey - an Owner's Viewpoint."

Prof. Dr. Nele deBelie, Magnel Laboratory for Concrete Research, U. Ghent, Belgium, "Durability of Self Healing Concrete."

Prof. Rob Polder, RCPC Consultants, Netherlands " Cathodic Protection Of Reinforcement In Concrete – Experience And Development Over 30 Years."

Dr. Michel Donadio, Sika France, " Sustainability assessment of a confined tank refurbishment in a waste water treatment plant with 100% calcium aluminate mortar."

Prof. Dr. Tony Jefferson, Cardiff University, UK, " 'The development and simulation of self-healing cementitious materials"

The full list of papers can be downloaded from the Homepage as a PDF


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